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Knoten = knot - junction - be intertwined - knot in the brain - the meeting of several ways - Tölt.Knoten.

One word - many associations. Named after the Tölt.Knoten comic by Brigitte Dubbick. And our new, inquisitive Tölt.Knoten Pony in the left column was also drawn by her.
We would like to inform independently, criticize constructively and also of course to entertain in the name of Icelandic horses.
Journalists and experts will keep us up to date with high-quality articles on riding and equipment, boarding, feeding and the health of horses, biomechanics and anatomy.

Of course
there is also a place for entertainment, bizarre things and articles not about horses.
Maybe you’re interested in or pleased or disturbed by our occasional interjection.

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Nuremberg, 17. July 2010
Barbara Schnabel



Barbara Schnabel
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Ulrike Amler+++Ingolf Bender+++Dr. med.vet. Ruth Beckstein+++Karen Diehn+++Simone Garnreiter+++Kirsten Hartbecke+++Regina Käsmayr+++Tina Pantel+++Mata Pohl+++Dr. med.vet. Hans Seybold +++Kaja Stuehrenberg+++Dagmar Trodler  

Brigitte Dubbick

Ohotographers: Ulrich Neddens www.tierfoto.biz+++Jürgen Stroscher www.stroscher-fotografie.de+++ Bettina Treiber www.islandpferdefotos.de+++ www.text-fotoschmiede.de
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Tölt.Knoten would like to thank the translators of the articles

Vanessa Waldrum
Christiane Soeffner

Tony Pilz

Yvonne Eberling
Andrea Blendl

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